An Inflatable Table That Lets You Work on a Cushion of Air

Amsterdam-based Blofield is known for its collection of premium inflatable furniture that looks like it could actually pass for real couches and chairs. But the company has gone a different direction with its newest line, DoNuts. They look more like the inflatable inner tube you'd take to the beach, but are designed to serve as desks and chairs for working or dining.


Available in a variety of different colors and fabric finishes, the DoNuts can be used indoors or out and Blofield claims they can seat up to six people comfortably. If you're the type who moves often it could make for an easy-to-transport alternative to a more traditional dining room table since it can be inflated and deflated in just minutes with an included pump.

However, as anyone who's ever used an air mattress can attest, inflatable furniture isn't the most stable place to sit. And with a table full of food resting on the DoNuts inflatable tube, you'll want to make sure your dinner guests don't get too rambunctious. Or accidentally drop a knife or a fork on it, since a single puncture can put the $2,400 DoNuts completely out of commission. [Blofield via Taxi]

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