An Infrared View of Philadelphia Is Trippy and Apocalyptic

The idea of an empty city is sort of simultaneously awesome and creepy because it would be cool to have a space built for thousands of people all to yourself, but you'd have to wonder where everybody went. Photographer Bruce Wayne Berry Jr. wanted to investigate the feelings evoked by an empty city while using effects to show what Philadelphia looks like through infrared filters.


The time lapse, titled "The Day Wonderland Stood Still . . .", came out of a series of photos called “Empty America Series” by Ross Ching, and the infrared component was apparently inspired by Star Trek Into Darkness in the scene where Kirk and Bones run through the red Niburu jungle. Berry did the infrared-style coloring to look like he had shot on Kodak EIR film, on which anything that reflects infrared light comes out deep red and anything that absorbs infrared light turns black. He actually used a normal camera and a yellow filter.


I'm sorry, I was distracted by the fact that the video was made by Batman.