Camping is supposed to be about relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors, not spending your time chopping up logs just so you can keep a fire burning. So if you can spare a can of propane, you can now just bring a portable campfire with you—or at least a close facsimile thereof.

At $120, Camco's Big Red Campfire is definitely more expensive than scrounging for free fire fuel in the woods, but many campsites don't actually allow that anymore to help preserve nature—making this the next best thing. A set of faux logs that will never burn away help sell the campfire effect too, while a ten-foot hose lets you keep the propane tank hidden away while toasting marshmallows.


It's even claimed to be safe for use in dry areas with a high risk of forest fires, since it doesn't shoot embers in all directions—but maybe it's a good idea to satiate your s'mores cravings elsewhere, just to be safe. [Camco via The Gadgeteer]

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