A Koozie That Keeps Your Beer Cold With Good Engineering

Arriving just a day too late to keep your drinks cool during the big game, the folks from Yeti are back with another marvel of insulated engineering known as the Colster. Comparing it to those foam neoprene sleeves often referred to as Koozies is almost an insult, because the Colster is designed from the ground up to actually keep your beverage cold for as long as science allows.

The Colster is able to hold a standard 12-ounce can or bottle, wrapping the drink in a stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-insulated enclosure. To further keep heat at bay there's also a screw-on "ThermoLock" gasket cap that creates a tighter seal and prevents a can or bottle from accidentally falling out. The fact that the Colster boasts a "No Sweat" design means the cold never escapes through to the outside of the sleeve to allow condensation to form. Sports fans of the world: your dreams have been finally realized.


Available in March for $30, the Colster is considerably more expensive than the free foam Koozies they were giving away at the last baseball game you attended—but that's because it's actually designed to work. Remember, cracking open a cold one is only enjoyable as long as it stays cold. [Yeti]

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