An Urn Shaped Like Your Head Is the Creepiest Way to Spend Eternity

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Some people spend their lives accomplishing great things so that when they die they're never forgotten. But the rest of us now have a more couch potato-compatible solution. A company called Cremation Solutions will create an urn that looks like your severed head, so your family and friends will never forget you as long as it's prominently displayed after your passing.

And it doesn't require a mould of your head to be created, or even a laser scan of your noggin. The company promises to create the urn using just a single photo of the deceased. But if you can provide photos from additional angles, it will help the final product to more closely resemble you.


The Obama urn is a pretty close facsimile of the president given the company probably wasn't able to model him in person. But even with a steep price tag of $2,600, the results aren't always perfect. The poor fellow to the left is only going to be remembered for the awkward haircut he probably never had. And you'd think they'd at least digitally shave off that thin goatee so his inability to grow a thick beard wouldn't haunt him the rest of his afterlife. [Cremation Solutions via Coolest Gadgets]