Ancient Mayan Batman looks ready for Battle

What if Bruce Wayne wasn't a billionaire Gothamite, but instead a Mesoamerican crime fighter inspired by a Mayan Death God? Let's hope he would look as good as Mexican artist Kimbal's re-imagining of the Dark Knight.

The exquisite cowl was designed as part of Batman a Través de la Creatividad Mexicana, an exhibition at the Mexico City Mexican Museum of Design for Batman's 75th Anniversary - similar to the cowl display we saw at San Diego Comic Con in July.


Kimbal's take on The Bat borrows from Mayan art of the Bat-God Camazotz - associated with the Night, Death and Sacrifice in ancient Mayan culture. Sounds just about right!

The detailing on Kimbal's cowl is remarkable, but the best part about it is the painted weathered effect that really makes it look like an ancient artifact, a long lost relic that's found its way into a Museum. You can check out more pictures of Kimbal's creation at the link below.


[The Creator's Project]

h/t to G. Muniz!

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