Android Game Vacuum Pays Out In Cold, Hard Cash

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Ask any gambler, and they'll say there's no point in playing unless there's money to be made. Winning points—it's fun, but child's play. Vacuum is billing itself as being the first Android game to offer cash prizes.

It was a finalist in the Android Developer Challenge, finishing in the top 20 for arcade and action games, but under a different name. It's essentially a racing game in a never-ending tunnel (sounds like most of my bad dreams, if I'm honest), but if you do well, there's a chance you can win some actual money from the developers.

They haven't said exactly how much will be on the table, but the first competition will start on April the 1st (maybe it's all a big April Fool's joke?), with the app hitting the Market on March 20th so you've got a few days of practice up your sleeve. [Door-6 via AndroidandMe]

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Same game has atmosphere. Just stuck in a tunnel. I'll have to give this a shot when it comes out.