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Anonymous Just Took Down NAMBLA's Homepage to Protest Pedophilia Pride Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As you may, hopefully, be unaware, today is Alice Day, a day inspired by Lewis Carroll's debated sexual attraction to Alice In Wonderland's very underage and very real counterpart, when proud pedophiles come together in celebration of their disorder. So it's a beautiful day for a NAMBLA takedown, and Anonymous was happy to answer the call.


The hacker group gave fair warning of their intent several days ago with this YouTube video—and if you have any faith in humanity that you'd prefer to maintain, might I suggest avoiding the video's comment section.

NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association and one of the most prominent pedophilia advocacy groups to date, was one of the first to get hit. At the time of this post, attempts to access NAMBLA's homepage left you with the following message, although the site now appears to be back up:


But there are plenty of others on Anon's chopping block. As The Daily Dot learned:

Target No. 1 is a Russian-hosted imageboard filled with password-protected albums such as "boy Self pics" and "girls in the bathroom." Target No. 2 is a "free bookmarking & blogging platform" with "sex" in the URL. Target No. 3 is a popular porn-streaming site with the tagline "where anything legal stays" and the unfortunate reputation for lax security measures against user-submitted underage content. (In talking to the Anonymous source, this is the one he seemed most excited about taking down.)

While the legitimacy of Anon's self-appointed police status often gets called into question, this is at least one set of attacks nearly everyone can get behind. Especially after the realization that "Alice Day" just so happens to fall right in the middle of child abuse awareness month. [The Daily Dot]