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Another Great Way to Prove Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

Illustration for article titled Another Great Way to Prove Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

Humans have landed on the moon six times, but conspiracy theorists still insist the actual number is zero. They cite bad science, misunderstandings of physics, and outright lies to try to convince you that American astronauts never set foot on our moon. Here's one more way to prove those wackos wrong.


Space historian Amy Shira Teitel brings us this new video explaining yet again how the moon missions couldn't have been faked on Earth. This time, the answer is all in the dust—specifically, how the moon dust kicked up by the wheels of the Lunar Rover falls in a way that couldn't be recreated on Earth:

So, there you have it. As Amy explains in this article for Popular Science's Vintage Space blog, the rising and falling motion of the dust kicked up by the Lunar Rover's wheels simply couldn't be recreated anywhere on Earth. And Hsiang-Wen Hsu and Mihály Horányi, scientists at the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, have proven it with cold, hard math.


Of course, this is all in addition to the one biggest reason why the moon landings could never, ever have been faked: In the 1960s, not even NASA possessed the technology to make the slow-motion videos we saw from the surface of the Moon. Filmmaker S. G. Collins debunks the "moon hoax" theory in such clinical fashion, it's amazing. Seriously, go watch the entire video he dedicates to unbundling the hoaxers. It's great.

So there you have it folks: Even more proof that humans indeed set foot on the moon during the Apollo missions. Maybe bookmark it on your phone for easy reference the next time you run into a moon hoaxer. [Amy Shira Teitel, Vintage Space]

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Fascinating; too bad none of it matters. The problem is not finding evidence—there's mountains of it. The problem is that no amount of evidence will ever be enough. The disconnect is not in the scientific or historical record, it is in the brains of conspiracy theorists. Their desperate psychological need to manufacture intrigue where none exists overrides all other concerns. They could be drowning in a flood and insist that the water is an elaborate hoax, even as their own lungs fill with it.