Anthony Scaramucci, White House Communications Director (July 21, 2017 - July 31, 2017)

The New York Times reports that President Trump has removed Anthony Scaramucci from his role as White House communications director. It has only been ten days since the wealthy New York financier was named for the job.


It all happened so fast. While his initial start date was supposed to be August 15, that was later moved up to July 26, according to Scaramucci. That means Scaramucci’s official term was just five days old. And boy, they sure were five days we’ll never fuhgeddabout.

[New York Times]

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Holy shit, he came on board, completely debased himself kissing Trump’s gigantic flabby lying ass, embarrassed himself in every interview he gave, leading to his wife filing for divorce, but it was all worth it, because...

....oh wait, no it wasn’t — he’s fired. Less than two weeks later.