Anybots' Quality Assurance Means Turning Their Robot Into a Punching Bag

What better way to ensure your robot can withstand the daily rigors of life than by punching it over and over? Watch as Anybots uses a mechanical boxing glove to beat the crap out of their $15,000 QB robot.


Designed by Anybots CEO Trevor Blackwell, this robot torture device, although not as rigorous or quantitative as other quality assurance tests they perform, is used for evaluating head impacts. The one inch diameter cylinder behind the boxing glove is pressurized at 75 psi, and the poor QB gets hit a total of 50,000 times per day, with 20-30 lbs of force striking on each impact.

In case you're not familiar, the QB is a telepresence robot, controlled by someone remotely via laptop. The user can control the robot's motion, toggle between two different cameras (eye-level and a floor view), and participate in conversation with others via the QB. [Anyblog]

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