Apartment Hunting Is the Worst Thing, But iOS App Lovely Eases the Pain

No matter how you look at it, apartment hunting sucks. You could just drink your way through it or you could manage with Lovely, a new apartment search app. Oh, and you can still drink.

When you're looking for a new place to live, you probably typically search Craigslist or Trulia or something similar, but Lovely is a little bit different in that it lets you set up alerts that include price range, number of bedrooms, and neighborhood, down to a radius of a few blocks. If a crib comes up, you'll get an email or a push notification. Conveniently enough, you can email or call the landlord directly, rather than going through a middleman or a broker (although it's not an entirely broker-free zone). Lovely also claims to get 50 listings a second from dozens of different sources. That sounds like a lot, but if the real number is even close to that, you definitely have a good chance of finding your new digs. [iTunes]


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