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The strapping young lad you see here is 41-year-old Sunday school teacher Danny Parker—er, ex-Sunday school teacher since he was caught in '09 Photoshopping the heads of his students into porn scenes. But hey, according to a Florida appeals court, at least it's not a felony!


No, really. According to a ruling by a Second District Court of Appeal, "The crudely constructed depictions, fortunately, leave no doubt that no child engaged in the sexual conduct...Accordingly, we cannot conclude that Mr. Parker possessed child pornography. The legislature's words constrain us." And given the overturned sentence, Mr. Parker will likely be released from custody.

I guess intent doesn't count? Either way, if you wanna get pervy in Florida with pictures of your young charges, it's totally cool—just don't make your...*eherm* aides...too realistic. [Lakeland Register via Miami Times News]


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