While James and Marguerite Driessen's patent covers a sort of vaguely broad concept—gift cards for pre-defined items that you buy at a B&M store but use online—I kind of feel for them, given that Apple apparently dropped iTunes custom cards in the US (while continuing to offer them in the UK) to get around licensing the patent after they asked. Then Apple brought it back with Starbucks under their "Song of the Day" program, which gives you a gift card for a pre-set song at Starbucks.

But, since you can use Starbucks Wi-Fi (soon to be better than before), the implicit argument is that you can actually redeem the card at the store without having to return home. If they manage to prevail against Apple and Starbucks, they'll be granted a permanent injunction against the cards unless the pair are willing to pay up. I'm not sure I'd miss the program though, since I've never used it, or even heard of anyone using it. [Apple Insider]