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Apple Buys a Little Chip Company That Makes Really Fast ARM Processors for iPhones and iPads

Intrinsity is a chip design company that specializes in really fast, really power-efficient ARM processors, like the ones found in the iPhone, iPad and basically every other smartphone. Well, it looks like Apple just bought them. [EDN</>, MacRumors]


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It sort of reminds me of what Commodore (accidentally) did in the old 6502 days when they bought out MOS. By having all of the primary chips developed and built in-house it gives Apple complete control and the ability to design products that the competition would have to invent through pieces available on the open market. No question, Commodore had no idea how to run a business, but there is no question that they produced at least two game-changing architectures (Commodore 64 and Amiga 1000) that competitors could not match on price and performance. I get the sense that Apple may be ready to launch not just game-changing software and hardware design (something they do on a regular basis these days) but also architecture in the coming years that current chip designers may have difficulty competing with.