Apple Censors "Jailbreak" In iTunes

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Apple really doesn't want you to jailbreak your iPhone. So much so, that it has reportedly started filtering the term "jailbreak" in the US iTunes store. The search results still turn up, but most of them show up as "j*******k." Oh f**k.

Not every single result for "Jailbreak" has been censored as a bad word . Take for example Thin Lizzy's classic record Jailbreak. For certain versions of the record—mostly the older ones—the title shows up as it should. For the new Deluxe Edition, the record's title is censored, but the word isn't censored in the description. The names of apps have also been censored, and as Shoutpedia points out, the iTunes store in other countries is still showing the full word.


What gives Apple? So afraid of people setting their phones free that you can't handle a little rock n' roll? [Shoutpedia]