Apple Event Announced for Next Thursday In New York

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Mark your calendars: Apple has summoned the press corps for a special even on January 19 in New York City. That's next Thursday. What's this going to be? A special version of the iPad for students, perhaps?


The invitation talks about an education announcement. The event will be at the Guggenheim Museum.

I'm genuinely intrigued about this one. [The Loop]


So this is going to be their first "official" event since Jobs passed away, correct? I just wonder how they're going to go about that for a little while. Are they always going to feel like they need to shoe-horn his name into the announcements? Are they going to say something at the beginning, and just move on? When they announce a new product will they say something like "This is something Steve was really looking forward to" ?

For any other company, none of this would matter. But that guy WAS Apple, and I just wonder if they're going to feel like they have to keep bringing him up for whatever reason.