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Apple Giving Supafast A5 Chip-Powered iPhones to Devs For Test Drives

According to 9to5Mac, Apple's gearing up for the next iPhone by handing out select handsets with the iPad's A5 processor instead of iPhone 4's A4 guts. The devices themselves (dubbed "iPhone 4S" by the site's source due to its external similarity to the Apples current-gen handset) may not be iPhone 5 hardware, but the guts—those super-speedy, graphics blasting A5 guts—are getting a test drive.

This doesn't do much more than reinforce the rumors we'd already heard, but it does show that Apple sees gaming as a major part of the iPhone's evolution. And makes us a little giddy just thinking about it. [9to5Mac]


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Can't wait to buy this. My iPhone 3G is begging for replacement. Screw you, iOS 4.