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Apple Grabs "iTunes Live" Trademark

Illustration for article titled Apple Grabs iTunes Live Trademark

Start up the speculation machine, for Apple has filed a trademark for "iTunes Live" and that could mean the long-rumored live music sessions are headed to the service soon.


Or it could just be another crazy patent/trademark filing in a long line of crazy Cupertino filings. But, for now, let's have some speculative fun. It's what mother would have wanted on her special day.


The "iTunes Live" image above was part of the filing, which encompassed:

- Online retail store services (prerecorded musical, audio and audiovisual content)
- Entertainment services (arranging and/or conducting concerts and live musical performances)

And of course this all dovetails nicely into the Lala discussions everyone's been having. In-store music concerts&mash;yeah or nay? [Patently Apple via TechCrunch]

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So gizmodo, how much did apple pay you to write this article?