Apple Has Verizon Cell Sites on Its Campus

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During the iPhone press conference earlier we learned something interesting: Apple has Verizon cell sites on its campus. Time to start speculating about just what lovely devices they might be testing with those.


9 to 5 Mac notes that "cell sites, especially ones on private land surely cost a lot, and for Apple to invest in something so expensive they must be putting it to good use." I'd say that testing a CDMA iPhone would be a good use, but it's only speculation and rumors at this point. [9 to 5 Mac]



Good God, everyone...

An iPhone for Verizon is coming. It WILL be made. We will have iPhones running on Verizon.

It's inevitable. Apple likes to make money. Being stuck on one carrier doesn't make them as much money as they could make. They want to be on Verizon and they will.

But no one knows when. So we should all just chill out and carry on with our lives, until then.