Apple Is the Biggest Smartphone Company In the World

Having already bested the rest of the mobile industry in profits and revenue, Apple has finally snatched the #1 spot by volume, making it the biggest smartphone producer in the world for the first time. Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones in the 2nd quarter, while former #1 Nokia dropped 34 percent to 16.7 million in the same quarter. Amazing. Apple only sell two phones! [Financial Times via BGR]

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Yeah, but you can't look at this and be all proud. Look at mobile OS activations and you see a different picture. Over 550,000 Android activations per day equates to well above 20.3 million phones in a quarter. Get bent Apple Fanbois. Your phone isn't the king your warped logic and played upon numbers are making it out to be. Fanboism is fanboism, you can't see the real world for all the Apple propaganda in your eyes.