Apple Maps Problems Didn't Stop iOS 6 From Having a Record-Breaking Adoption Rate

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Apple's new, buggy maps have been getting a lot of negative attention recently, but talk is cheap. Even with all that whining, iOS 6 has proven to be the most quickly adopted version of the operating system, 122 percent faster than its predecessor iOS 5. Where it took iOS 5 five days to gain a 20 percent share of traffic, it took iOS 6 just over one day.


There are, of course, a number of factors at play. The fact that users could update to iOS 6 over the air made it that much easier to move on to the next version. In addition to that, all the iPhone 5's activated on release day yesterday are iOS 6 devices, which certainly provided a boost to the amount new-version traffic out there.

While complaints about Apple Maps—or missing YouTube apps—might make it sound like there's some ambivalence out there when it comes to upgrading to a new version of iOS, that doesn't seem to be the case for most users. After all, a new version packs all kinds of fancy new features, so how could you resist? From the looks of it, a lot of people can't. [TechCrunch]



i had great respect for Apple until today and now I understand the loss with Steve Jobs death. I got my 64Gb new iphone 5 after staying up all night to preorder etc. Today I took it with me to the gym to use the aerobic playlist I use every day. i found that I could not change songs since the headphone jack under the iphone made it impossible to rest it on the shelf without everything being upside down. That image could not rotate. I tried to rest in horizontally and found that i just got albums, no playlist. So if you want to use a playlist anywhere the phone has to stand vertically you have to use it upside down. i checked with three people at Apple and all this was confirmed. The senior advisor said something inane like people working on biceps preferred the headphone jack being at the bottom. Nonsense. Moreover the market for people using the iphone during cardio is far larger than those who use it working on biceps! So after all the hoopla i am taking the damn phone back. i am sure Steve Jobs would have thought this through better.