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A Chinese artist named PixieTea both recorded this song and shot the accompanying video almost entirely on an iPhone 3GS. The surprise? It's actually pretty decent! See for yourself:

Through a slew of music generation apps, like DrumMeister, Bassist, iDrum, NlogSynthesizer, NESynth and iShred, plus photography software including a stop motion app and 5d2 (a remote for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR used for a few of the shots) and, of course, a laptop, PixieTea (and crew) created this 3:39 music video named "ABCD Said" from the ground up. For the skeptics in the house, apparently the story was confirmed by local media. And yes, the vocals were most probably recorded through a standalone mic.


Truly, those of us failing to create captivating media in this day and age are either uncreative or just lazy. The tools are there, and they aren't even all that expensive. [chinaSMACK]

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