Apple Patent Hints at iPhones With Smart Bezels For Visual Cues

Let's face it—any bezel is a bezel too many, but Apple might be using that space for a "smart bezel," judging by these recent patent applications. It'd almost be like a second screen, able to give users visual feedback and cues dependant on what app they're using at the time.

As ever, we never like to put much faith in these rumors, but a patent application certainly adds a lot more weight to the story. Not that Apple acts on many of these patents, as history's taught us.


Regardless, the patent which PatentlyApple dug up could provide a clue at what Apple's exploring for the future—whack in a couple of motion-sensors for example, and you could have some awesome Kinect-type stuff. [PatentlyApple via Macrumors]

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