Apple Patent Reveals iPhone 5 With NFC Icon

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It's not the first time we've heard inklings of near-field communication being incorporated into the next iPhone, and I doubt it'll be the last. However, this Apple patent application showing an e-wallet icon is pretty damning.

Not that it's conclusive evidence, mind. The other icons may be in order, but that e-wallet icon could be a little joke at the tech-blogging world's expense—or a deft clue at what to expect come June. [Patently Apple]

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Nothing to See Here!

Well it's clearly an older iOS version. The iTunes App is above the iPod App much like it was when iTunes was first put onto the device. I'm sure everyone noticed that...

I personally would rather a bus pass type thing. (For anyone that doesn't know) In London we have what's called an Oyster card and you simply put it against the receiver when getting on the bus/train/anywhere else you might see it. I'm sure there's something like that in America and Japan are trying the chip out over there or already are putting the chip into their phones.

Anyway I'd much rather one of those than a wallet. Someone will definitely work out a hack.