Apple Patents Nike + iPod on Steroids: It Wants to Pump You Up

The standard rule of Apple patents applies: Just because it's on file, doesn't mean they're going to put it out. But I hope they do, America's fat ass needs this. It's an advanced fitness suite, like Nike + iPod cranked up to 1100. There's hardware that keeps tabs on your heart rate and other vitals, a rewards tracker, and a component for syncing up groups. All of it's connected by an iTunes-like app that tracks your current fitness level, goals, schedule and a whole mess of other stats—it'll even make a workout for you—which it syncs to your iPod or iPhone to follow at the gym.

When you fire it up for the first time, it interviews you to get a sense of your health, even asking about your financial and social status (if they suck, you're stressed, and that does impact health). Then it spits out a regiment, based on how unhealthy you are and how healthy you wanna get. Then you just follow the routine on your iPod at the gym, with the hardware sensors providing real-time feedback on how hard you're getting your ass kicked.

Apple definitely has an interest in fitness gear, and with Nike branching out, this might just happen. Oh, and first person to make a horrible iBod pun gets banned. [AppleInsider]


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Deadspin in Carbonite


1) There is an L in Seattle (it's a small city north of the Mason Dixon line so no worries, tis a common misspelling)

2) How do I "move gyms"

3) Interesting that you felt it necessary to inform us that you aren't fat.

4) I was pointing out the gimmickry with fitness today. Anyone waiting for an iphone program for motivation to workout shouldn't bother, hence the bit about vitamin water -this was clearly lost on you.

5) You need to buy some vowels for your name.

6) Usually I'm called a smartass but I'll take jackass too. It's always better than a dumbass which clearly you aren't either.