Apple Perceived As Gay-Friendly, Samsung Not

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In a recent survey, 757 gay and lesbian participants were asked to rank companies by their gay-friendly factor. Apple came in first place among tech companies with 39% of participants strongly considering the brand to be gay-friendly. Among all brands, Apple came in second behind Bravo (who dominated with a rating of 52%). But alas, things didn't turn out so well for our friends (we can no longer be seen in public with) at Samsung.


Samsung ranked in the lowest tier of companies with a scant 4% of the polled population feeling the brand is gay-friendly. That puts them right between Quaker (5%) and Cracker Barrel (3%). Technically Samsung tied with Wal-Mart and Frito-Lay.

By the way, we attempted to Photoshop the gay pride/rainbow flag onto the old Apple logo, only to find that, duh, their original logo almost did the job for us. Read more about that here. [Prime Access via MacWorld]


@robinandtami: and @bosskev: I agree with you both since its not only the right thing to do and if for no other reason, I think its good business to treat gay employees the same as everyone else. It is in a corporations best interest to attract and retain the most telented people, regardless of sexuality and the corporations that are looking out for their bottom line as opposed to wasting money persecuting people are the ones I feel will do best financially.