Apple Prophet Divines That a 4-Inch iPhone Is Coming

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Yeah, Apple has prophets, but considering that Apple Stores are basically modern-day temples, it kind of goes with the territory. This particular tech soothsayer, Ming-Chi Kuo, accurately predicted 9 months in advance that Apple was creating a stylus, and he’s been called the “Best Apple analyst on the planet,” so listen up: a 4-inch iPhone is coming.


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Ever since the iPhone upgraded to a 4.7-inch screen (still relatively small compared to other smartphones out there), some have bemoaned the passing of the last truly great and truly small smartphone. But Kuo says that Apple will resurrect the form factor by upgrading the iPhone 5s (sans plastic unlike the iPhone 5c).

He also predicts that in order for the OS to run smoothly, Apple will have to pack in an A9 processor. The new sixth-generation iPod Touches have an A8 processor, so this seems pretty likely. If Apple does decide to go through with it, they’ll have a nice little iPhone family of past and present.

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That’s Fast: The Galaxy S7 is shaping up to be quite the smartphone with the latest rumor saying Samsung’s greatest will support LTE Cat. 12 connectivity. That’s downloads speeds topping out at 600Mbps with uploads coming in at about 100Mbps...all on your phone. Those are theoretical max speeds and your carrier will need to support it, but most phones don’t even have LTE Cat. 9 let alone Cat. 12. [SamMobile]

Notify Is Coming: Facebook wants to be more like Twitter, and Twitter wants to be more like Facebook. Twitter changes its stars to hearts, and Facebook gears up for the launch of Notify, which is reportedly coming next week. With Notify, you can subscribe to specific news organizations and receive notifications (hence the name) when news breaks. [Financial Times]

Use Apple Pay, Please?: Walgreens just launched the first rewards program in partnership with Apple Pay. You can tie together a Walgreens reward card in Apple Pay so that you get points every time you use your iPhone’s mobile payments option. You still need to hunt for the digital card and use it separately (would kind of be cool if it was automatic), but it is a big step forward to getting not just your credit cards out of your wallet, but all those other pieces of plastic, too. [MacRumors]




I’m getting a little sick of phones obsessing over screen size and thickness, but neglecting to understand what really matters: proportions.

We don’t need to go back to 3.5 and 4” screens to get phones that fit comfortably in our hands. Even today, almost all major phone companies make terrible use of the phone face’s real estate. The iPhone 5 was, indeed, a good size for people with tiny hands, but it could’ve been a 4.3-4.5” phone without and major overhaul to the size.

Vice versa, phones no longer need to sacrifice screen size if they want to come down a little in size.