Apple Store Geniuses Might Actually Be Dunces

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You've probably wondered what it takes to become a Genius at an Apple Store. I mean, they're called Geniuses, and it's Apple, and they only deal with Apple products, so they know them to the core, right? Well, in at least one Apple Store, not so much. MacBlogz's Aviv went through the whole process of applying, which he has helpfully documented for us. After answering 17 out of 20 ridiculously easy technical questions correctly, he was offered the job for $17 an hour (which you can see in the letter below). Because that made him not just a Genius, but a superstar. One of the two managers interviewing told him that it actually didn't matter how many he was able to answer—most of the staff can't even answer half of them, stuff like:

• What is special about the Mac Pro's current Ram setup? • What is Automator and what does it do? • If a user account keeps crashing on login what do you do? • What are 3 keyboard combinations you can boot your computer with? • Are you familiar with OS 9? • If a customer asks you to sync music from their iPod to computer, what do you say? • How do you answer a customer who wants to share music with his friend via iTunes?


If you can pass that weak filter—I don't even own a Mac (unless you count my recently built Hackintosh) and I can answer five of those—you'll be welcomed into a loving environment that is " 'very strict' with its employees and what they do with their free time." Lovely, but Aviv turned the offer down.

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It just shows you that Geniuses are no different from any corporate tech support group, be it Geek Squad, Firedog or Crapkitty Battalion: Some of them really know their shit, but almost (or just) as many don't know the command key from that gaping, screaming hole in Steve Ballmer's face. [Macblogz via Valleywag, Image via presta]



my cousin went to buy an iPhone, i answered like 10 questions before we got in the door and then he asked the "genius" one and he had to go "ask his boss" but i knew the answer. Maybe that makes me a nerd, maybe i could have walked into the apple store with a blue polo and sold iPhones, i dont know... but thats very "genius" of them....