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Apple's Approval of BdEmailer Proves App Approval Process is a Crapshoot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At first it seemed that the rules behind the approval process for new apps for the iPhone App Store were pretty cut and dry. You know, they can't duplicate the functionality of the on-board apps like Mail and iPod, they can't use too much bandwidth and they can't cause a security hazard. That first rule is why apps like MailWrangler and Podcaster were given the boot; they were too close to those built-in apps. But now, an app called BdEmailer, which is basically a straight-up email program, is available in the App Store. Just what the hell is going on?

Look, we think it's awesome that BdEmailer is available. The more choices, the better, which is why we wish MailWrangler and Podcaster were available. BdEmailer lets you type emails with the landscape keyboard, for god's sake. But at this point, it's completely unclear as to what keeps an app out of the store. Was this a deliberate move, or will it get yanked from the store in a matter of hours, the result of a sleepy gatekeeper letting it through accidentally?


We're hoping this is not an accident but a sign of more leniency from Apple in terms of what they'll allow in the App Store. But I doubt it. Get this one now while you still can, folks. [BdEmailer via Engadget]

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