Apple's Back to School Deal Is Worse than Going Back to School

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School's out, but soon summer will end and many of you will be trapped in classrooms, your brains forcibly stuffed with education. Most years, Apple's got a little consumer treat for you: a free iPod or something! Not this time.

Instead of free or discounted hardware, Apple's handing out $100 gift vouchers to the Mac App Store when you buy a Mac. Cool..? Uh. I guess you could snatch up a copy of iWork, and like, a game, or something, but this is pretty lackluster compared to a free iPod. Although it falls neatly in line with Apple's continued push behind the Mac App Store leading up to Lion. The card's also good for use within iTunes, if you'd rather just buy a giant binge drinking playlist instead of nifty educational software. [Apple]