Apple's Battery Charger Has the Lowest Vampire Draw In Its Class

Among the refreshed iMacs and souped-up Mac Pros and spacious Magic Trackpad Apple announced this morning, they also introduced a decidedly more utilitarian product: a AA battery charger.


Apple's Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse and regular-for-now bluetooth keyboard lose their magic as soon as their AA batteries lose their juice. Apple's $30 battery charger comes with six high-performance AA NiMH batteries, which the company claims will last 10 years, to make sure you never have to root around in your loose battery drawer again—at least not when it comes to charging your shiny Mac peripherals.

The charger itself is no slouch either. Apple says it has the lowest vampire draw of any comparable device on the market—meaning it doesn't suck excess power when it's plugged in but inactive—and it automatically reduces power draw when its batteries are finished charging. We'll be pitting it against its competition at Duracell and Energizer soon.

The Apple Battery Charger ships in 2-4 days and should pop up in Apple Stores this week. [Apple Store]


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