Yes, we know a whoooole lot about the Apple Watch by this point, but not when exactly it's coming. But now, Apple's sent out invites for a "Spring forward" event on March 9th.

When Apple announced its watch without actually releasing it, it gave up some of the magic its had in the past. And as a result, we've been left with a tantalizing but unsatisfying stream of tidbits and questions. We know it needs a charge nightly, and that it's waterproof enough for a shower, we know about its apps, what it looks like, that it's shipping in April. We know how it'll work. But not how it is.


While there are already plenty of smartwatches out there—even some that already work with iPhones—none of them have taken the world by storm. The other biggest name out there—Pebble—has only sold one million to date. Apple's expected to ship somewhere in the realm of five million.

Only time will tell if all the pieces we know about the Apple Watch add up to a full package that makes smartwatches take off in a way they never have before. And we're close to finding out.