Apple's MobileMe Launch Problems Might Be Just the Beginning

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The MobileMe launch was a massive flustercuck-even Steve said so. Our long national nightmare is over though, right? Well, Om is reporting that their whole net infrastructure is a few years behind where it should be, and if it's as bad as he's heard, "then there is no way Apple can get over its current spate of problems."


Here's his bullet point list of Apple's infrastructure issues:

•There is no-unified IT plan vis-a-vis applications; each has their own set of servers, IT practices and release scenarios.
•Developers do testing, load testing and infrastructure planning, all of which is implemented by someone else.
•There's no unified monitoring system.
•They use Oracle on Sun servers for the databases and everything has its own SAN storage. They do not use active Oracle RAC; it is all single-instance, on one box, with a secondary failover.
•Apparently they are putting web servers and app servers on the same machines, which causes performance problems.

Whether Apple likes it or not, it is in the networking business now. It's part of the package, and if they're gonna promise stuff will "just work," it needs to from every angle, especially the ones that should be invisible to the consumer (like connectivity). We hope MobileMe's problems aren't a sign of things to come. Maybe Google could teach them a thing or two. Update: Some of the comments on Om's post cast doubt on his claims, check them out for a second opinion. [GigaOM]


Yes, .Mac/MobileMe has had it's problems. I know first hand because I've used the service every since the iTools days. It can totally be much better, and yes,

>> Maybe Google could teach them a thing or two.

However, the fact remains that with all its flaws, there isn't a single unified (or even combined) service out there that does what MobileMe does, making it, by definition, better than anything out there.

Plus, it's not as if Google hasn't had problems; in the past 3 years that I've been a Gmail user, I've had 2 accounts going AWOL for days on end for no apparent reason —- that is no access to them whatsoever, whether it be by POP, IMAP, or web interface. Thing about Google is that, perhaps because all their services remain in a constant BETA state, they apparently don't feel the need to explain/justify/apologize for their service blackouts, which pisses me off.