Apple's Showtime On Sept 12th Confirmed

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The invites came through the door this morning, so Apple's September 12th unveiling is officially on. Check back here, 10:00 AM, California time, for live updates. Wipe that drool off your mouth. We're still a week away. Having had our chain yanked year after year, we don't freak out and run everytime the hamster-wheel-like rumor mill starts churning. But how can we not be hungry, after eating just the table scraps Steve J. brushed to the floor at the WWDC keynote. Given our malnourished state, our Apple-sense is tingling a bit more than usual. It's hard—no, its impossible—to nail down which way the gadgetry is coming from. But the voices in our heads are murmuring about "Merom" Core 2 Duo chips inside of Macbooks, giant 23-inch iMacs, colored iPod Nanos with beefier storage, and the a hard launch for the iTunes movie store. We've even heard good old iPhone, widescreen video iPod, and video-compatible Airport Express rumors.


Given the image included with the invite, we're betting our pennies on video news. But enough about us, us, us. Let's say a genie in a black turtleneck sweater granted you one Apple wish. What would you have him grant you?

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