Application Makes Your iPhone Blow Air

At last, after being blowed a billion times, it's the iPhone's turn. Believe it or not, there's a new application for the iPhone that uses its speaker to blow air. No peripherals. No attachments. Check the video for yourself.


The developers say that you can use it to "blow out candles, herbs, and refresh your skin during hot summer nights." I wonder how many birthdays you can go through before your speaker breaks from all the vibration. [iTunes App Store via Krapps]



I read the sounds like it does indeed work, but poorly - trying to use the speaker to do something it's not intended to do has GOT to just cause undue stress on the thing.

Honestly, I'd buy it if it were being marketed correctly. Screw blowing out candles, herbs etc - you use it to freak the shit out of the person in front of you in the movie theater.