The successor to the 604 Wi-Fi, the 80GB Archos 704 Wi-Fi has been caught on film. Sure, we saw some pictures about a week ago, but let's admit it, we only cared because we had nothing better. It was like an appetizer—the delicate balance of mozzarella to its deep fried bread crumb counterpart was rocking our world—until the surf & turf arrived, and we realized the congealing, neglected finger grease had found its way to not just our new shirt, but our new favorite shirt.


Hit the jump for the video. No, it's not amazing, but it offers a better sense of scale, and we're considering it the main course...until dessert and coffee come around.

The sound of the 704 is quoted as "great".

There is no word yet on the taste.

Real, Original Link [theory.isthereason]

[via archoslounge]