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Chris Null over at Yahoo Tech is posing a good question to all you HDTV fans out there. Is it worth spending your hard-earned cash on a budget HDTV? Granted, there are some manufacturers that deliver solid sets at prices under $1k (Vizio, Olevia, and Westinghouse come to mind), but what about the Soyos of the world. For instance, a quick search online can fetch you a 32-inch Polaroid LCD for just over $800. But is it worth it? I'm inclined to agree with Chris in saying that you're better off spending a few extra bucks on a TV from a name that you know or at least seeing the TV in person (and checking the store's return policy) before making your purchase. Do any of you folks have horror or success stories with a budget HDTV?


Ultra-Cheap Flat-Panel TVs [via Yahoo Tech]


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