Last night, an ad displaying 40 boxed and sealed iPhone 4s popped up on Craiglist's London website. First a shameless Twitter stolen swag pic and now this? That's totally not suspicious at all.

The ad, which advertises 40 iphones for £320 a pop, even has a tinge of desperation.

All these iphones are brand new and sealed. They have not been open from box all are on 02 and come with a years warranty. I can sort out a discount if more than 3 are purchased.


Let's see. This ad was posted last night, which also coincidentally happened to be the same evening London's rioters had themselves one of the biggest looting sprees in recent history. On top of all that, the poster will cut you a deal if you help him/her liquidate quicker! What our naive little Craigslister might not be anticipating, however, is that cops know how to use the Internet too.