Are We Having Fun Yet? Binge on Party Down All Holiday Weekend Long

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Party Down, a short-lived Starz series about struggling actors working for a catering company—was and remains one of the best comedies ever to grace our TVs, and yet it was only two sweet seasons long. But now you have an excuse to Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh all over again, because the series has landed on Hulu Plus.


You know, the principle of "the good die young" can apply to TV as it does to people in a weird way. Party Down is totally one of those shows. Perfect, hilarious, and weird in a before its time kind of way. The cast is just incredible, too—Party Down starred a couple of comedic OGs like Megan Mullally and Martin Starr, as well as a few actors like Adam Scott and Jane Lynch before they blew up in other primetime sitcoms.

We can't talk about Party Down without talking about the perfectly random cameos either, like Steve Guttenberg, Patrick Duffy, and Rick Fox, to name a few. All that placed in ridiculous catering situations staffed by a ragtag band of screw-ups created some comedy magic. There's the one where they work a porn awards after party, or Steve Guttenberg's birthday party that turns out not to be a birthday party at all, or the one where they all get high on the job. These episodes are like my figurative children in that I cannot pick a favorite.

The internet has a tendency to rush to bring back great shows like Party Down that were cancelled before their time. Look at Arrested Development or Veronica Mars. But I think we should keep it as a pristine hermetically sealed comedy that unfortunately only lasted two seasons—two great seasons, and that's better than letting a show go on too long, ultimately shooting itself in the foot. You've seen it happen with countless shows. But Party Down hasn't gone that route, and it's all the more reason to revisit its classic two seasons in all their unspoiled glory. [Hulu]


Platypus Man

I saw a few episodes a while back and it was... ok. Not nearly as funny as Adam Scott's later Parks & Rec in my opinion, but to each his own.