Be Prepared: Can You Pass The Boy Scout Swimming Merit Badge Test?

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As adults, we're better equipped with basic skills than a bunch of Boy Scouts, right? Prove it, could you pass the test to get a Swimming Merit Badge?

In addition to these written questions, Scouts are required to demonstrate competence in the front crawl, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke, demonstrate water rescue methods, perform a rope rescue, float face up for one minute, demonstrate survival floating for five minutes and demonstrate group floating huddles for cold water survival. They're also required to demonstrate free diving abilities by recovering an object from the bottom of deep water both while diving from the land and surface of the water and be capable of swimming underwater over a short distance. The ability to dive into shallow water, head first, using proper form is also required.

Since I can't come watch each and every one of you with a stop watch and whistle, this quiz follows the written component only. In order to attain the merit badge — a requirement if you wish to reach Eagle Scout — you need to get all of these questions right. Can you?


These questions are drawn from the BSA Swimming Badge Pamphlet and reflect its requirements. They aren't official BSA material.

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Broken Machine

Yup. Swimming has always been rather easy for me.