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Are You Sure You Want Multitouch Gestures On Your iPhone?

Multitouch makes everything better, right? Well, maybe probably definitely not. Here's a fellow demonstrating Apple's new not-ready-for-the-public four finger gestures on an iPhone. And he looks absolutely ridiculous.


On the iPad? Sure! The four- and five-finger gestures baked into the new beta of iOS 4.3 look great—there's plenty of real estate to accomodate a full-fisted swipe. But on your tiny little iPhone, you end up looking like a complete goon. And a goon who's susceptible to some serious carpal tunnel at that. I'll stick with double tapping my home button, thanks very much. [Engadget]


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You know what would be better? Turning the bottom and top bezel into touch sensitive gesture areas like on the Pre.