ARM CEO: Intel Will Never Beat Us On Efficiency

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At CES we saw Intel's first serious attempt at mobile processing, Medfield, being used in a handful of devices. Intel thinks it could give ARM a run for its money. ARM think differently.

Reuters report that ARM CEO Warren East isn't impressed by Medfield, saying:

"[Intel] have taken some designs that were never meant for mobile phones and they've literally wrenched those designs and put them into a power-performance space which is roughly good enough for mobile phones."


So, not a fan, Warren? Better than that, though, he went on to quite bluntly explain what the future held for Intel:

"Are [Intel] ever going to be the leaders in power efficiency? No, of course not."

Ouch. [Reuters]

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is the x86 platform less effeciant than the ARM platfrom in some respects yes. dose ppl know how to code for x86 platfrom to get the most out of it hell yes

issues here is that intel has SO many pantents and tech that has to do with effciency that they can just strong arm there x86 platfrom to be more effcient than ARM. just to name 2 tri-gate and 22nm cpu. just to sort of get how much this did from sandy bridge to ivy bridge leaked tests say 15% better preformance while still cutting down energi cost by 15%

and according to sweclocker who is also at CES who got a look at the medfield table they have on display, the early beta is about tegra 2 strage on a 1 core 1,7 ghz with hyper treading. i am pretty sure this is going to be greatly improved before it is relased (i think mostly progarming is what is missing on the android side)

and even then intel has said that medfield is coming out this summer and then a dual core with hypertreading witch is going to tear ARM apart only sens they have so much side tech that they can do it. most of the stuff intel has in term of effciency patents could be used for ARM aswell but they are not selling it and nobody else knows how to do it