Armet Gurkha Armored Vehicle Kicks Hummvee Ass

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The ultra rich have sportscars to spend hundreds on thousands of dollars on, if not millions. What do the SUV crowd do when they win the lottery? Buy a Gurka by Armet. Cousin site Jalopnik, who we have constant toy-envy of, says it best:

The squat and hedgehog-lookin' 19,000 lb beast-of-an-armored-vehicle ain't just built to shrug off a roadside bomb with its high strength ballistic aluminum armor, or stop a bullet from an AK-47 with its ballistic glass. No, it's also pretty fast for its size — with a top speed of 93 mph.


At 93 MPH, you're not winning any races, but it doesn't matter when you can plow through the opposition. A steal at only $200,000.

Armet Gurkha [Jalopnik]

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