Arrow's Stephen Amell Is Pissed At DC For The Flash Movie Announcement

Remember the totally random day when DC and Warner Bros. decided to launch their whole superhero lineup including who will play the movie version of the Flash? Yeah, Stephen Amell (TV's Green Arrow) thinks that was kind of shitty. UPDATED.


In an on-camera interview with AMC Movie News, Arrow's main actor Stephen Amell opened up about the way Warner Bros. dumped a bunch of movie DC movie news right on top of the release of The Flash TV series. You can watch his reaction in the clip above, but we've also transcribed some of it here. We kind of agree with him.

"I thought that the way that Warner Bros. announced the slate of DC movies could have been handled better. I think someone like Grant Gustin, who has just launched an iconic character like the Flash, to record breaking numbers. Numbers that far surpassed Arrow's numbers… All that being said, I think that he should have been given a wider berth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character... That's because I'm protective of Grant. And that's because I think that producing 23 episodes of superhero television is more difficult than producing a feature film. And it's 23 episodes again, and again, and again. And as Peter Roth says "for 12 years oh god."

I've never seen a need for the television side and the feature side to crossover. This is nothing that I haven't said before, I'm pretty sure. I'm sure that Ezra Miller will do great as the Flash. And if they found a great Oliver Queen, fantastic.

I've had some great chats with people at Warner Bros. Again I thought that the whole timing of the announcement… The most important day that you can ever have as a television show, is when your ratings come out for your second episode. Not your first episode because anybody can be trained to watch a pilot. It's the people that come back when they haven't been inundated with advertisement and they decide, "I watched the show a week ago, I'm going to watch it agin because I enjoyed myself the week before." The call that I got from Peter Roth (who runs Warner Bros. television) the enthusiastic call came after episode one. And then the absolute, awesome "let's go 12 years baby," call came after episode two. I thought that it was shitty that all of this stuff the morning of the spectacular ratings of the second episodes of the Flash came in.

Thankfully, Arrow and The Flash are still the best parts of the DC live action entertainment universe. So you keep doing you, Amell and Gustin, because what you're doing is working. Don't worry about the whole nonsense on the movie side, because we don't even honestly know if these films will ever see the light of day. Meanwhile, Arrow and Flash are killing it.

UPDATE: Amell took to Facebook to comment on this, saying that he's not angry at all, and taking issue with our headline. He insists that even though "I did have every right to be upset," he wasn't actually mad. Rather, he was just giving a "carefully thought out, non-angry answer" to the issue. But he also said he stands by his response, which you can see in the video above.

So now we know, when Amell called WB's handling of the Flash movie announcement "shitty," it was not made in anger.



"DC, you have failed this IP!"