I always wanted to be an astronaut. Then I learned that astronauts can't really enjoy beer in space, so I became a journalist. But fear not, wannabe space explorers, because now there's an astrostout that could solve this grave problem.

The fact is that astronauts' taste buds get numb in space, which is why some of them drown their food in hot sauce. Beer is no different. In fact, it's even worse. It tastes bland and, since there is no gravity, the carbonated gas can't escape the astronauts body. It is a sad thought, but the absence of gravity prevents astronauts from burping out the beer gas, producing great discomfort.


The solution: Beer especially brewed to drink in microgravity. It's not beer brewed with space barley, but beer created to be tastier than regular beer and have low CO2 content. The astrostout has been developed in Australia, has enhanced "naturally darker chocolaty flavors" and comes in a special packaging to prevent accidents in space. A non-profit organization called Astronauts4Hire is about to test it on a zero gravity plane, and I wish they send us a case. [Popsci]

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