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Asus Notebooks Getting Splashtop Instant Boot Linux OS: Web Browsing, Skype in Seconds

Illustration for article titled Asus Notebooks Getting Splashtop Instant Boot Linux OS: Web Browsing, Skype in Seconds

The lightweight Linux variant Splashtop that's been pre-installed on some Asus motherboards is shimmying its way over to a range of Asus notebooks, providing instant-on functions like wireless, web browsing, chat, etc. Since the software runs out of the computer's RAM, you don't have to wait for the full OS to boot up roll with basics (plus it saves battery life). Expect to see this and other software like it on more systems.


Splashtop comes to ASUS Notebooks

Complete range of ASUS notebook models provide 'instant-on' Internet and media access

May 29, 2008 - SAN JOSE, CA - DeviceVM today announced the release of their award winning Splashtop™ software on numerous ASUS notebooks. Splashtop is a light-weight operating system that allows consumers to use their computers seconds after hitting the power button. Models spanning a wide range of segments are to ship with Splashtop pre-installed by ASUS starting in June this year.

"The integration of Splashtop into notebooks represents a big step forward in portable computing, where instant 'on' and 'off' is essential," said Mark Lee, co-founder and CEO of DeviceVM. "We are pleased to introduce Splashtop to portable computing together with our partner ASUS."

Branded "Express Gate" by ASUS, Splashtop software enables users to browse the web, watch videos, listen to music, chat with friends, share photos, and more - just seconds after turning on their PC. Express Gate is already available on a wide range of PC motherboards from ASUS. The notebooks announced today are the first to integrate Express Gate for the broad consumer market, including the M70T, M50V and M51T multimedia series and the stylish F8Va/Vr series.

"ASUS is always committed to bring customers the most innovative solutions," said Henry Yeh, General Manager, ASUS Notebook Business Unit. "With Express Gate, users will experience a new, fast, and secure way to surf, chat and play on ASUS notebooks for a new computing experience"

**ASUS booth will showcase Express Gate at Computex in Taipei International Convention Center TF1L & 101B, June 3 - 7. Please come by for more information.



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In all fairness - Apple was very good at the "instant on" thing on their powerbooks, worked like "recovering-from-file" but this remained untouched in ram + the wifi + all the other hardware functioned perfectly once turned back on after "sleeping". I´ve had lot´s of portable pc´s over the years, the powerbook was the ONLY sleepmode that actually worked without destroying the connection to various hardware so it needed to be rebooted every time to function properly.

That´s probably the way to go...preload all libraries once, make a stable environment that doesn´t ever require a reboot - unless there´s new installations of course, and make it reliable - that would indeed be the viable short-term solution to this.

Personally I´d like for the entire OS to be in some sort of EEprom (Embedded) so it actually WAS instant-on instead of just pre-loaded and utilizing sleepmode.

Hm...a thinker...thats for sure