Asus Reinvents the Wiimote

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Some of our readers pointed out that the new Asus Eee Box resembled a Nintendo Wii. And while that may be true, Asus has just debuted something straight out of Nintendo's handbook: a "Wiimote" for the PC.


Spotted at a trade show in Taipei, the controller looks like a pair of wireless nunchuks, It's believed to connect to PCs through a USB transmitter and even be compatible with Asus' new desktop. As a universal motion remote, it could be programmed for use in any game in which clicking a button just won't do. And according to reports, it could also be used as a nifty wireless mouse.

Rumor has it that the Asus controller will go for $70 whenever it's released—$10 more than the Wiimote with a nunchuk. [Register Hardware]



@Rabid Penguin: The Wiimote is an IR receiver; not transmitter. And it connects to the Wii via Bluetooth. That's how the system is able to distinguish different Wiimotes all at the same time.