At SXSW, Brian Michael Bendis Talks the Inspirational Potential of Superman's Legacy of Hope

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In advance of his new turn bringing Superman into a whole new era, Brian Michael Bendis sat down at a panel at SXSW in Austin yesterday to talk about the joy and burden of Superman’s revolutionary hope.

In talking about his plans for the hero, which include a massive celebration of the hero in Action Comics #1000, Bendis shared his ideas for the hero and his character arc, which includes an invitation of and a reflection into the hero’s signature optimism.

“It seems now more than ever that we need Superman,” he said. “It just feels like it’s time for Superman. And writing a character who exudes hope to everyone around him, and the burden that that is—it’s a burden to carry for everyone. We’ve seen it for other public figures who represent something so much larger than himself. We’re going to experience what that feels like, and we’re going to experience what that feels like for him personally.”


Check out a video, from our very own Evan Narcisse, below, which includes Bendis’s thoughts on Superman as well as some specifics about his plans for his upcoming Superman books.