AT&T CEO Says 3G iPhone Next Year

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Talking about the 3G iPhone at a meeting in California, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson declared: "You'll have it next year." He didn't add any specifics but we hope this is not just some general statement (3G being the obvious next step in the iPhone) and that they are already well into the development phase, perhaps taking advantage of the latest low-consumption 3G chipsets to solve Steve Jobs concerns about a 3G iPhone's battery life. The comment is in line with previous comments from Telefonica insiders, who pointed out to Gizmodo that the spanish company would have delayed the introduction of the iPhone to next year thinking that a non-3G version wouldn't work in the Spanish market. [Bloomberg]



How many 3G phones out there do not have a replaceable battery unit? When the iPhone supports 3G, it seems that Jobs is going to have to give in a bit on his design belief that there should be no compartment for battery replacement on small devices. This is not only necessary because he will be lucky to get the battery to last 48 hours, but also because new batteries will be required more often with all of the charging that users will need.

That said, are iPhone users really upset with the current EDGE capabilities? Since there is WiFi available on the device, I would think the EDGE battery life would be a perfect back-up, especially given the better battery life. I do not own an iPhone, but I would think the current compromise is ideal.